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For natural, wholesome energy and a delicious taste the whole family can enjoy anytime, count on Peter Pan Peanut Butter. There are lots of reasons you can feel good about Peter Pan Peanut Butter:

  • • It’s made of wholesome, simple ingredients, and packed with protein.
  • • Our wide selection means there’s something for everyone to love.
  • • It’s delicious as a spread, and as an ingredient—and right from the spoon!

With rigorous safety processes in place, Peter Pan maintains high quality standards across every part of the business.

Meet the dedicated people Who make Peter Pan Peanut Butter every day

Spread the Word We're committed to the environment

At Peter Pan, we have long been committed to lessening our environmental impact while still providing the best-tasting peanut butter. Better yet, when we save money from using 9% to 12% less plastic per ounce and a 24-hour production cycle, we pass the savings on to you. Here’s how we’ve been dedicated to greener manufacturing:

  • We’ve saved enough plastic to fill more than 24 garbage trucks with solid waste each year.

  • Our energy savings could power 253 homes per year.

  • We’ve removed greenhouse gases equal to taking 233 cars off the road each year.

  • We’ve achieved 12% plastic savings per ounce for 28-ounce jars and 9% plastic savings per ounce for 16.3-ounce jars.

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Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about the safety and quality of Peter Pan Peanut Butter.